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The STORY OF LEICESTER website lets you discover and explore Leicester's 2,000 years of history to the present day with a focus on the major time periods of the city's heritage. You’ll learn about the defining characteristics of each time period and the key themes associated with each period through stories unique to Leicester.

The STORY OF LEICESTER website includes 'Visitor Information" boxes throughout to let you know which places can still be explored today and any opportunities to visit sites in person. The website builds on over 150 heritage interpretation panels located throughout the city that feature information on key buildings and well-known individuals associated with Leicester. 

Explore the STORY OF LEICESTER website then plan a visit to Leicester to experience the city's wonderful history yourself. Get to know even more about the great range of things to see and do in Leicester and Leicestershire at VISIT LEICESTER – you’ll find comprehensive, inspiring information on the many tourism related products and services in the city and county.

The STORY OF LEICESTER website is part of Marketing Leicester & Leicestershire and is managed by Leicester City Council's Arts & Museums service with contributions from partners in the city and county.