Shriya Patel

Diwali is always the most exciting and magical time of year for me!
It’s a spring clean for our souls and minds too; leaving the worries behind and starting afresh. It’s a time of giving and sharing and thinking of those less fortunate than ourselves.

During the celebrations, our place of worship put up marquees with food-stalls, face painting and bookstalls to entertain our guests and spread the fun. This bit is my favourite as I get to bond with my friends, family and the community, as everyone is always so happy to be apart of such an amazing event.

When I was little, my dad would take me to opening of the lights on Melton Road. It’s just as magical as walking into Disney Land as an infant. At home, I help decorate the house with divas (candles) as it brings such a warm and festive feeling. Celebrating Diwali for the past 17 years has helped me see the good in others and forget the past and all my worries. Every year I look forward to the lights , the smells , the sounds and the smiles on everyone’s faces. Overall, I find Diwali such a liberating and uplifting festival.