Reon Doshi

When someone mentions Diwali, we automatically think of lights, good food, meeting family and friends and exchanging gifts. For me, Diwali is also about helping and it is this that inspires me to do something for others.

Every year I purposefully make the connection of good conquering evil by supporting the needy by donating to the food bank and giving away some of my clothes to those who cannot afford it.

During the festive period, I make more time to go the temple to speak to the Lord. I ask him to bless others as he has blessed me and reflect by remembering lost ones and partake in an act of kindness on their behalf.

We celebrate Diwali because on this day, Lord Mahavir attained Moksh (liberation) and his first Gandhar (disciple) Gautamswami also attaine Moksh the following day. During this time, I reflect upon my purpose and by introspecting and praying that one day I will also attain liberation.

Diwali reminds me of who I am and what my purpose is.

I am proud of my religion and above all, I feel blessed that I am in a fortunate position to help others.