Priya Gill

Diwali, the festival of lights; bringing sheer joy and happiness to all that participate in the celebrations. As a caring, compassionate and sensitive British born youth I extend the celebrations all year around. I do this by treating everyone that I come into contact with friends, family, elders and children with genuine love, kindness, respect and courtesy despite their background, colour and creed. This is so important for me as I believe that we are all illuminated by the same light as the Creator.

Taking a few moments of my time to listen to an elder in my community or whilst at the bus top can light up their world making them feel worthwhile rather than invisible; restoring an element of trust in the youth of today. I act as a mentor for younger children at the Academy of religious studies. In this way I have been able to positively influence younger children by talking through the dangers of drugs, sexting, and bullying. Consequently, youngsters have felt they can talk to me freely.

As human beings we all crave love and attention. It is truly a precious gift to love one and all sharing the light, dispelling the darkness.