Jodheen Kaur Rai - Winner

On the eve of Diwali I would like to forward greetings to everyone in Leicester on behalf of the community.

I am inspired by the efforts of our local communities to come together every year and witness what is a wonderful national event - the switching on of the Diwali lights.

Every year as a young person it inspires me to hear the prayer being sung at my local place of worship : 'diwali dee raat deeve baalian'
Which means on the night of Diwali ghee fuelled lamps should be lit.

I can't help feeling that there is a more significant message in those lines and that is ; that we should light the lamp of our internal consciousness and become more peaceful  loving, kind and motivated to do good for others . This is the true message of lighting the diva for me as a citizen of this great multicultural city: Leicester.