Janvi Keshwala

I believe that, the hidden meaning for this glorious festival lies within. I think that the journey of reflecting is full of many experiences with light. For me, the real meaning of the festival of lights is the experience of inner happiness that takes place when we reflect -the closer we get to it, the closer we are to God. Each year Diwali comes and goes and I am inspired that even if I can’t enlighten the whole world like the sun, I will try my best to lighten others, like the small candles that were lit to brighten the whole of Ayodhya when virtue and righteousness returned; bit by bit we can spread the message of peace and stop the atrocities around us which are blinded with self-interest. It’s about how much you can give to others that will enlighten our souls. This is how I have been inspired by the true meaning and spirit of Diwali, no one is perfect but we evolve and learn from history to avoid mistakes happening to our lives. We should spread the word of love and equality to all; Diwali spreads this message with joyful spirits. And so Practise speaks louder than preach.