Daya Kaur Jagdev

I have been going to the Diwali lights in Leicester for the last few years with my family. It has always been an enjoyable occasion with lots to do and see, bright colourful lights, spectacular fireworks, music and glittering dresses and I have learnt so much from the message of Diwali.

For me the meaning of Diwali is about compassion, tolerance, diversity, equality, freedom of expression and helping those who are suppressed and imprisoned, and good deeds and actions. It makes me think of the work and life of Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Florence Nightingale and other great people.

I personally try and instil these values in myself and think about all those across the world who are suffering, exploited, living in poor conditions, imprisoned for their views and trying to do something for them from the safety and comfort of living in Leicester.

I personally contribute to charities i.e. Cancer research, Leicester food Bank, Khalsa Aid and eye camps in India. I help children to read and write English every Saturday at a community centre, serve food to elderly, needy and homeless, collect clothes for the needy and be kind and respectful to all I come across. Thank you