Alisha Sareen

In my view the meaning of Diwali is light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil and eternal hope over despair. The festival brings people together and just like the reunion of Ram and Sita, similarity is about the coming together of all communities and families around the globe and my place of worship gives us the opportunity to learn about this. The Ramayana teaches us that if we overcome ignorance in life, we can become more compassionate and live in harmony with others. I believe I should be picked because I represent youth in my community. I hope to be a beacon of light to young people of today and show the world that our generation do believe and will always believe. If I am picked, it will give inspiration to my peer group to learn to respect the values of the life of Ram and Sita and put them into practice in our lives and make our parents proud to see us being involved in our religious activities.