Belgrave - My Story

The history of Belgrave and the surrounding area over the last 1000 years. This website was created with the help of young people who live in Belgrave and attend the Ak Awaaj youth centre.

Belgrave Road around 1910, the wires hanging overhead are to provide power to the trams that ran into the City centre.

What's this section about?

This part of the website tells some of the history of the Belgrave area through images and text which have been researched and chosen by young people living in the area.

A mix of historical archive images and current photographs taken by the young people themselves accompany interesting facts about Belgrave. These facts give insight into the way people have lived in the area which has been inhabited for at least 1000 years!

A look at Belgrave from the air

A look at Belgrave from the air – Belgrave road is on the left with the City centre toward the top of the image. The road that comes off Belgrave Road and goes towards the centre bottom of the image is Loughborough Road


The section is broken down into the following subjects:

A Brief History

Belgrave Station

People and Shopping

Then and Now

Thanks and Acknowledgements

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