Walking Trails

Explore Leicester with a selection of walking trails based in and around Leicester. Some are PDFs that you may use on your device or print yourself at home. Others may use apps available for Android or iPhone; please read the information for each walking trail.

Richard III

Learn about the life of Richard III while exploring the key places in Leicester associated with him. See buildings that Richard III would have visited in his lifetime and more recent places now associated with him such as the Richard III Visitor Centre.

Richard III Walking Trail - download


Thomas Cook Walking Trail

On 5th July 1841, Thomas Cook arranged to take a party of around 500 temperance (anti-alcohol) campaigners from Leicester’s Campbell Street railway station to a temperance rally in Loughborough. The fee for the excursion (one shilling) covered return rail travel. The success of this and later excursions led Thomas Cook to set up his own travel agency business.

Thomas Cook is credited as being one of the world’s first travel agents and a pioneer of popular tourism, earning Leicester the title of the “birthplace of tourism”. This walking trail will take you around the sites that are connected with the Thomas Cook story in Leicester.
The trail includes the site of the Campbell Street Station, the Thomas Cook Building from where excursions were sold, the coffee houses Cook set up in the town to provide a non-alcoholic alternative to pubs, the chapels he visited and the museum where his son donated material collected from his world travels.

A printed version of the trail is available to buy for 50p at the Visit Leicester centre or alternatively please download the trail for free below.

Start your walk on London Road outside the railway station. The walk will take approximately one hour.

Thomas Cook Walking Trail - download



Available on Android and iPhone

This new app lets you explore Leicester's Cultural Quarter through sounds from past and present, which are triggered as you follow trails around the area.

Sounds of the Cultural Quarter uses locative technology to deliver an original aural experience incorporating sounds from past and present that can be heard individually or as a multi-layered soundscape.

As the user explores Leicester’s Cultural Quarter with the app, specially recorded sounds are activated, re-imagining the urban history of the area and bringing it to life in a new and innovative way. 

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Available on Android and iPhone

The Hidden Stories app is based on five new creative writing commissions inspired by the Cultural Quarter, delving deep into the untold history of Leicester’s Cultural Quarter and bringing the area to life through poetry, plays and narrative.

Hidden Stories operates via locative technology that triggers content at specific locations, connecting content with the location and history it’s exploring, and unlocking new content as the user moves around the area.

For more information and download links click here.

The White House' designed Ernest Gimson

The White House' designed Ernest Gimson


Ernest Gimson was a well know Leicester born designer, architect and maker who was an integral part of the Arts & Crafts in the late 19th Century.

Here you can find 2 Leicester based walking trails that relate to the life and work of Ernest Gimson. Both walks were written by Rowan Roenisch.

Please note that destinations 1 and 2 on Walk 1 are better accessed by car or bus as they are a way outside of the city centre.

Please use the links at the bottom of this page to download and print out the walking trails. 


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