Historic Leicester Villages

Our sister website Visit Leicester are looking to encourage people to visit some of the wonderful and interesting historic villages around Leicester.

Below are links to the pages that give a short history of each village and offer things to see and do when visiting these places.

There is also useful travel advice and image galleries giving a taster of what you can expect on your trip.

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Aylestone Village

The first written record of the historic village of Aylestone comes from the 11th century, in the Domesday Book survey of 1086. The name is thought to derive from Anglo-Saxon ‘Aegel’s tun’ which translates to ‘Aegel’s settlement.’

Although a great deal of development has taken place in Aylestone during the 20th century, much of the character of the old village remains, including the original street pattern of narrow winding lanes, the listed buildings and some 18th and 19th century cottages. Aylestone’s ancient and medieval history can still be seen with many streets and architectural features dating from at least medieval times.

Since 1975, Aylestone Village has been designated as a conservation area within the city of Leicester.

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