Wygstons House

Wygstons House as it looks in 2012

Wygstons House as it looks in 2012

Wygston’s House is the oldest house in Leicester. It has been here since medieval times and the road it stood on was the widest and busiest thoroughfare in the town, Highcross Street.

We don’t know why this house survives when others, which may have been significantly grander, have not. It would have been close to the meeting houses of two powerful medieval guilds, Corpus Christi and St. George, and the house may have had a religious role.

The house comprises a timber hall of around 1490; a brick block of 1796 which replaced an earlier timber shop and chamber and a Victorian (1800s) wing standing on the site of the medieval kitchen.

The oldest part of Wygston’s House, the timber-framed part, comprises a ground floor hall (living space) and upper chambers for sleeping and storage. Originally it had a shop at the front and kitchens at the rear. The upper floor of this part projects out over the ground floor, known as a jetty. At intervals there are ornamental brackets.

The front of the timber hall has a range of windows which were once filled with panels of painted glass, facing onto a courtyard. You can see four of these glass panels dated to 1495-1500 at Newarke Houses Museum.

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