The Magazine (Newarke Gateway)

The Magazine (Newarke Gateway) as it looks in 2012

The Magazine (Newarke Gateway) as it looks in 2012

The Magazine is located at the western end of Newarke Street. The building, circa 1410, is a medieval gateway added to Leicester Castle by the Third Earl of Leicester. It is a Grade 1 Listed Building.

Built in soft Dane Hills sandstone the Magazine has three floors. The ground floor, and possibly the first floor, was used as the porter's lodge for the Newarke College and as accommodation for his family and servants. The second floor, which spans the arch and is twice the size of the other floors, was guest quarters for high status visitors to the College. A massive centre post with three braces supports the ceiling of the ground floor room. The slots in the centre beam mark the position of a timber and plaster screen, which used to divide the room.

The outer door at the foot of the stairs is typical of those inserted when the building had a military use. At the same time the windows were covered by steel shutters with loopholes.

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